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Trending in UK: Images of the Archangels with pure gold

Update. Current statistics show continous and prolonged interest of readers of a British lifestyle magazine in modern images of saints

Vienna, London. The surprisingly positive response to modern images of saints from Austria has been confirmed. Since the beginning of January, a well-known lifestyle magazine has been raffling off two sets of three archangels from the Viennese handicraft workshop Wonnereich, and the number of participants has remained high over the past weeks.
The statistics were unexpectedly positive right from the start, but now the trend has been confirmed.
The latest figures show: Over 11,000 people took part up to and including 26.Jan. 2020.
These include men and women of all ages, from 18 to 75+. The age group 45 – 54 is slightly at the top. Although the magazine’s target group is female, over 20% of the submissions are men. All regions are represented, from the small islands of Guernsey and Jersey in the south to the Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland. The metropolis of London is also very active.
“I love these products, and the feedback shows that readers do too,” said Addison Ball, manager of The Competition Platform, who oversees this lifestyle magazine competition.

Wonnereich, meaning bliss-empire or bliss-rich, designs and manufactures handmade images of saints in a modern, abstract way and uses only materials of highest quality. The motifs of the three archangel images consist of 23 ct gold leaf from the Austrian Mint on handmade paper. On the website customers can choose from many different motifs. “I want to bring the saints back to our everyday lives. They should awaken the spirit and sensitize to beauty. The pictures have to fit into our time and space and with all possible furnishing styles. Despite the high quality, they should be affordable”, says Ulrike Rainer, the founder of Wonnereich.
Wonnereich is constantly developing new motifs, including special ones for martyrs from handmade document ink in red, the color of the blood.

Britons are considered trendsetters and are often ahead of the times. “But no one could have expected, that images of saints would be so popular. The topic is demanding and very unusual. Some people may find it out of date. But the statistics show, that a lot of people, at least in the UK, disagree.”

WONNEREICH was founded in 2016 in Vienna, Austria, by Ulrike Rainer as a small internet shop for noble, handmade wall objects. She designs and produces mostly customizable images or other creative objects for modern spaces. The works have a direct Christian connection or carry these values ​​and traditions in themselves.

Dr. Ulrike Rainer, 1070 Vienna, Austria, Phone 0043 (0) 664 497 49 17
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